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KONY 2012

i hate seeing all this shit about kony 2012. this has been happening for years, so why all the hype all of a sudden? why is everyone trying to take action now? cool that you support it, but you probably didn’t even know what it was until someone “cool” posted the video on facebook.

on that note, i’m also sick of our country trying to interfere in other countries. this is exactly what happened with the war on iraq. “but the war on iraq started because of 9/11! they hurt our country first!” WRONG. 9/11 was organized by terrorists from afghanistan…not iraq. so why did we invade iraq? why have millions of soldiers died over the past 11 years? because iraq was said to have weapons of mass destruction, so bush decided to invade so that another 9/11 wouldn’t happen. interestingly, NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WERE FOUND IN IRAQ. so we’ve been fighting all this time for nothing. and people are still dying.

okay so this guy kony is capturing children and using them as slaves. do you realize how many times that happens in our own country? watch a documentary about child prostitution. i think rather than interfering in other country’s businesses…we should fix our own business. i may sound uncaring and rude, but i’m sick of my tax dollars helping better other countries. i’m sick of war. i’m sick of people that i went to high school with, along with so many other citizens of the united states, being shipped off to other countries to fight in wars that are none of our business in the first place.

yes it’s sad.

yes it’s unbelievable.

yes it’s tragic.

but bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity. (cliche)